2013: New Year's Resolutions

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Local sports personalities offer their hopes, predictions for the coming year

By The Staff

The calendar has changed over. It’s a new year. It’s 2013. Each year, people make resolutions or predictions for what they want to do or what they expect to happen in the coming 12 months. The Canyon Courier sports staff spoke to a number of local athletes and coaches and asked them what they foresee happening this year.

JAKE KAY, Evergreen wrestler
“I want to get in the room every day even Sundays. Every single day get in the room to get that state championship.”

AMY MOHR, Evergreen girls basketball coach
“A good New Year’s Resolution for us is to take care of the ball, have less turnovers, execute our system and start to build a system.”

JEANNE GODAIRE, Evergreen girls swimming coach
“Our relay starts and transitions and turns. Things like that can shave a few seconds off our times that the girls get sloppy on.”

KIRK PETRIK, Evergreen ski coach
“I never make a resolution because I fail enough, and I don’t need the depression when I can’t finish other things. So I am not making one.”

MYRIAH ARIZA-BALTER, Evergreen swimmer
“There are certain sets during practice that you don’t want to do, but I’ve got to push through and do them and just make myself.”

LANE WILLIAMS, Evergreen wrestling coach
“Jake Kay as (state) champion.”

SCOTT HAEBE, Evergreen boys basketball coach
“To keep playing up-tempo. We’ve got the type of team that can do that this year.”

NATALIA ARAMOVICH, Evergreen girls basketball player
“We need to pick up our mentality on being confidence in each other to show that Evergreen, as a team, can compete.”

CHASE KELLEY, Evergree boys basketball player
“League champs.”

ANDRE LANE, Evergreen boys basketball player
“I’m going to say more than league champs. Maybe Elite 8 and then go from there.”